Josh Feinberg                    Andrea Biedermann

Evgeniya Khakhalova                    

Michele Stillinger          

Feinberg Group Alumni

Maxwell C. Brown (Postdoc, Now Faculty at the University of Iceland)

Amy P. Chen (Masters, Now at the US National Science Foundation)

Nathan Church (PhD-Univ. Cambridge, Now at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Evan Finnes (Masters, Now at Natural Resources Engineering)

Ellery Frahm (Postdoc, Now Director of the Yale University Center for the Study of Ancient Pyrotechnology)

Ioan Lascu (Postdoc, Now at University of Cambridge)

Anna Lindquist (PhD, Now Adjunct Assistant Professor at Saint Olaf College)

Becky Strauss (PhD, Now Postdoc at Rutgers University)

Nicholas Swanson-Hysell (Postdoc, Now Faculty at the University of California, Berkeley)